Optimize your Wine & Spirits Digital Shelf


Stay ahead of the price competition !

Track daily SKU pricing and promotional mechanics
Design the best promotion that will get the sale without compromising profit
Promotions Execution Control
Measure if promotions are being correctly executed across my brand portfolio and monitor competitor activity to refine promotional strategy
Optimize product launch
Establish the most effective e-retail pricing strategy for new product launches
Share-Of-Shelf Optimisation

Win the digital shelf by optimising your presence!

Understand how to maximize online sales
Monitor your “out of stock” levels by your authorized retailers
Ensure Product Pages Conversion Quality
Establish whether your products pages are optimized for conversion with all best-in-class digital assets
Get accurate insights on consumer’s pulse and mood
Measure consumer ratings and reviews and compare against competing products
Brand Identity Control
Control Brand Equity Compliance
Control brand equity and ensure that your retail partners are compliant with your guidelines
Enhanced maximum visibility
Winning the Digital Shelf Attention is key to drive upwards sales
Adapt your marketing to all your audience
Harness the power of AI to multiply all your contents to fit all the marketing pipelines : think GPT for SEO enrichment and  content update !
Selling Integrity
Unauthorized Sellers Detection
We crawl the web in order to take down unwanted sellers (in mainland China also !)
Brand infringements
Unauthorized sellers are growing by the day and “grey markets” are a threat to brands profitability. Invisibilize and dereference unauthorized sellers, on the world marketplaces
Trusted Retailers List
Find all your Wine & Spirits Business partners, in order to maximize your selling channels !