"If my product has 10 customers, at least 5 are all thanks to Bizzy."
Andrew Meyers
Product Features

Protect your brand Equity

Definitive solution for scalable and automatic content distribution as well as Third-party Sellers Compliance. We are guaranteeing a perfect execution in virtual stores. Increase your results and improve the customer experience !

The problem

How to protect yourbrand's assets ?

Brands spend a lot of money on branding, but don't control the way third-party sellers present their products. Brands don't have control over the brand assets displayed. Besides, unauthorized sellers are growing by the day and “grey markets” are a threat to brands profitability.

With the rise of NFT and metaverse objects marketplaces, there will be growing trademarks infringements by NFT creators that will need to protect their digital assets !
"Competition has become more intense in recent years. Brands tend to overuse their
existing assets"
BCG - March 2021
Protect's Features

Get your contents to convert

Stackadoc creates solutions for automated content distribution at scale. we help the digital retailers & brands to make sure that customers always see the best content. Content that informs, entertains and guides the buyer, improving their purchase and consumption experience. In addition, increases sales conversion and enhances the commercial result of the digital merchants.

Merchandising Analytics
Track how your brand is presented at the e-retailers
Content distribution
Easily create action plans to distribute your brand's assets
Regulatory audit
Check that all the regulatory elements are present on the marketplaces
Content governance
Select which retailers should have the best assets
Product audit automation
SEO, images, reviews and descriptions analysis and improvement.
Custom Support
Get our experts on call anytime you need it
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