Get better RoaS for your e-Retail Media Activations

One single platform to orchestrate all retail media campaigns, compare RoaS and attribute budgets efficiently

Ads Performance

Boost Campaigns Performance

Make a symphony of Ads
Plan Campaigns in all your marketplaces, with ease, from one single platform
Increase Ads efficiency, with data
Leverage all your data sources to optimize your Ads revenue
Automate tedious actions and focus on strategy
We take care of all data pipelines, so that you focus on business
Budget Allocation

Optimize Retail Media

Use our Independent & unified ROI calculation
We're an independent company and compute a cross-platform RoaS
Keep track of the ROI of each operation
Whatever the channel.
Discover the best allocation
Attribute your e-retail media budgets optimally and drive sales efficiently
How it works

Improve Retail Media Operations

Reporting, made easy
Aggregate informations from all your campaigns, in a single dashboard
One software to rule all marketplaces
handle all your retail media campaign in a single software and get rid of the technological barriers.
Reporting, easy.
Export Reportings under Excel or fetch them through our API
Budget Allocation

Win the Digital Shelf

Optimize your ranking in Marketplaces Search Engines
Find the keywords that sell
Boost organic visibility to drive maximum sales
We help you maximize your SEO, with algorithm and industry knowledge
Improve detail page performance to maximize sales
Find which assets to manage to create Product Pages that convert
Customer satisfaction
Monthly data points
Marketplaces Monitored
Product References tracked
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