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Tap into our real-time data feeds to drive up online sales and profits, by outsmarting against your competition, increasing your share-of-voice and regain control over e-retail execution


Grow your 3rd partyonline sales

1. Brand Compliance
Improve your Brand Compliance with AI power customized action plans
2. Optimal Pricing
Increase profits and sales by adapting to your competitor’s pricing strategies in real time
3. Competitor Intelligence
Improve your competitor intelligence, Processes and Productivity
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Protect your   Brand Equity

1. Brand Compliance
Brand monitoring and control over assets display
2. NFT protection
Find out which NFTs encroach on your trademarks on NFT main marketplaces
3. Distribute Assets
Distribute your Brands Assets efficiently
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E-Retail Media

1. Improve E-Retail Media ROI
Optimise online retail media ROI by automating
2. Benchmarks
Get efficient benchmarks against the competition and detect competitors in the ever evolving landscape
3. Execution Control
Measure and control your E-Retail media execution, anywhere and with any formats
Matching Success Rate
Monthly data points
Marketplaces Monitored
Product References tracked
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