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No magic, just data, LLMs & GPU.

Stackadoc is an AI studio that helps companies across industries change their ways of working thanks to AI: we educate, develop custom assistants, and incubate AI startups!

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AI Strategy - stackadoc

Build Personal AI with Confidence

Design a future of your business with our AI Studio
We help companies who have a deep desire to integrate AI into their processes craft a global strategy for AI adoption.

Stop Proof of Concepts

We have a track record of building AI applications with Fortune 500 companies: they trust us with critical real-world applications

Start with AI

You will own your AI

Safeguard your AI from threats, espionage, and data theft. Secure your competitive edge by fortifying your proprietary algorithms.

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Uncover Value from AI Knowledge


Be in the know, discover more about AI

We have created a unique series of contents that we deliver through high-level seminaries, to shed light on AI for working people of today


AI isn’t necessarily a walled garden

We give you access to a vast universe of free tools and help you understand how much it costs to deploy AI for your business


Stay at the edge

The world of AI is moving fast and it is easy to feel left behind. Knock on the door, get updated information about how the world is moving forward!


What is Stackadoc AI Studio ?

Stackadoc AI Studio is a dynamic platform dedicated to transforming innovative AI ideas into reality.
We invest in and nurture cutting-edge projects, with a strong foundation in entrepreneurial ventures.
Our studio specializes in making AI accessible and impactful for businesses and developers alike.

How does Stackadoc AI Studio select projects to work on ?

We focus on solving real-world problems, one at a time.
By identifying use cases where AI can significantly improve processes, we ensure our efforts generate tangible value. Our expertise lies in pinpointing opportunities that promise the most substantial impact.

What makes Stackadoc AI Studio unique ?

Our DNA is deeply rooted in entrepreneurial ventures, setting us apart as wild AI developers.
We pride ourselves on our ability to move quickly, building robust applications that cater to the ever-evolving needs of the digital world. This agility allows us to kickstart projects efficiently, ensuring our partners and clients benefit from rapid development and deployment.

How can businesses benefit from partnering with Stackadoc AI Studio ?

Businesses benefit from our laser-focused approach to problem-solving.
We help you concentrate on AI applications that generate value, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency.
By partnering with us, you leverage our expertise in developing and deploying AI solutions that drive growth and innovation.

What is Stackadoc AI Studio's approach to development ?

At Stackadoc AI Studio, we embody the spirit of "We build. You win."
Our approach is hands-on and results-oriented, focusing on creating AI solutions that solve specific challenges.
We are committed to making AI technology accessible and useful, ensuring that our projects not only succeed but also pave the way for future advancements in AI.


We build. You win.


We are a studio for making AI come true

We invest and make cutting-edge projects grow. Entrepreneurial venture is our DNA !


Solve one problem at a time

There are tons of use cases where you can use AI to improve processes. We help you focus on those that generate value.


We kickstart. You benefit

We are wild AI developers in the wild, move fast to build heavy applications. We help you grow !