AI Studio - Who's behind  Stackadoc?

AI Studio - What we do

Our AI Studio Stackadoc solves the problem of organisations wanting to create AI-powered applications from scratch. We have helped Fortune 500 companies as well as startups build cutting-edge solutions that have at heart the use of AI to provide solutions to real-life challenges.

We have a deep-rooted wish to improve the lives of both organizations and professionals, by lowering the need for human labor to perform tedious tasks.

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We are a team of engineers with both scientific, technical, and business French education, notably...

ENSAE Paris Institut Polytechnique de Paris, Paris-Sud University (Paris XI), Sciences Po Paris, CYTech, INSAT.

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AI Studio - Our offices

We are incubated at the prestigious Wacano Paris, a subsidiary of the French Parisian Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie (Chamber of Commerce & Industry). At Wacano, we have built long-term relationships with the local ecosystem of entrepreneurs, especially in the Data & AI field, which we try to push forward every day :)

If you have read through all of our history, we would more than happy to welcome you there : please get in touch with !

AI Studio - Our history

From 2019 and onwards

We have helped a Fortune 500 company focusing on digital marketing and e-commerce third-party selling, helping brands sell smarter online. With our proprietary marketplace intelligence engine, we generate daily real-time insights and actionable data for our clients, enabling better sales forecasting and maximizing growth.

Very early in our history

We have been awarded the French status of “Jeune Entreprise Innovante”, which was a recognition for our engagement towards scientific advancement, as well as our capacity to break technological barriers. We have also accompanied our partners in their works in pushing knowledge forward, including in the Luxury and Beauty sectors, where we contributed to Virtual-Try-On technologies advancement.

In 2024

we are leveraging the new Generative AI wave in order to help the voice and music professionals! More to come on this subject later, but this will be huge!